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Meet Chisom, The Young Lady KingTblakHoc Recruited After She Left Her Village To Act P0rn In Lagos

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So, the Lady with Humongous Boobs, who recently joined Kingtblakhoc’s Empire to act indecent movies, has been identified by our birds.
She goes by the name, Chyzum Hills on Facebook, real names Chisom Ugwu, and she has called on all Nigerians judging her, to please stop, as she has decided to tread and make a name for herself by doing porn.

The other day, she declared herself as an actress, a superstar, who acts porn, and it’s one thing she’s proud of.

She recently disclosed that the kind of life she lives is her bloody business, and she needs no critics whatsoever in her life. She wrote: “The type of lifestyle I live ,its my business,
So whenever u hear am this and DAT just keep liking”

Below are some pictures of Chyzum!

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